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Ravenna Method - 5 Day Intensive Workshop for Returning Students-diMosaico-Tucson, AZ

For those students who have previously taken the Ravenna Method 5-Day Intensive with Michael Kruzich, we offer the option of repeating the course with the choice of doing another reproduction OR working on a personal mosaic project in the Ravenna Method.
If you choose to work on a personal mosaic, you will be responsible for acquiring the materials you need for your project independently rather than having it pre-assigned as in the reproduction kits. Clay, work board, easel, etc will be provided. Since you will be providing materials there will be no additional fee paid to Michael unless you order a frame. If you wish to order a frame for Michael to bring you must to so independently and within 30 days prior to the first day of class.
If you are comfortable completing the gluing, extraction and setting on your own at home, you may work the entire 5 days on the same project and do these other processes at home.
 If you wish to complete these processes in-class you will need to finish your mosaic by the end of the 3rd day as before. For those who choose to finish on the 3rd day, you may also choose to use the last two days of the class to work on your own design in the direct-method-into-thinset.
Repeat students will be offered a discount of$100.00 and, though welcome, will not be expected to stop working for lectures they have already had in previous class.
Repeat students are free to contact Michael for consultation and questions on their proposed ideas."