Mosaic is one of the most visually arresting, beautiful and enduring mediums. Because of the labor-intensive and meticulous nature of most hand-made mosaic work; it is also a medium that is not cheap. I have found that in the realm of mosaic fine art that being represented by a gallery and adding on gallery commission percentages drives the price point of my work up to a prohibitive level for most clients. In the delicate subject of price this isn't enjoyable for the prospective client or myself. Therefore, ( though I occasionally will exhibit in a gallery situation), I represent myself and deal directly with collectors and commissioning clients. I  collaborate with clients to come up with custom ideas that can fit into a range of affordable budgets sometimes including layaway payment plans. I take great pleasure in being versatile in my subject matter and style. Not only does it make me happy but gives me the ability to serve a great variety of my client's personal tastes. Bottom line; if you like my work and would like to see it in your world in some form, don't be afraid to contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Mosaic work is enjoying a renaissance and  is an enduring, beautiful choice for home and public work. Mosaics are versatile, durable, lightfast, weatherproof and can be worked into 3-dimensional sculptural works as well as applied to walls, floors, and exterior. Mosaics require little maintenance and can make a hugely memorable impression, which makes them an excellent option for works that last. Your mosaic can also be created as a panel that hangs on the wall as a painting would, so that if you move, you can take your mosaic investment with you.

Purchasing : If you have browsed the Galleries on my site you will see both a range of subject matter as well as prices for my fine art and ancient reproduction works. You will find the selling price listed with the image of the work along with it's description.  Shipping for the work, if needed,  is not included in this price but can be estimated at the time of contact.  Prices for original artworks rise at a rate of 5-7% each year in February.  Pricing of reproductions of Ancient works remain unchanged.

Commissions: A commission begins with a discussion between the client and I about the client’s idea for a piece of artwork or installation,  and any visual materials they may want to provide me to work from such as photos, sketches, etc,  I then will asses the project and give them an estimate of the cost. This figure comes from several considerations, including designing, size, complexity of the subject matter and hours spent to create the work.   Clients are also welcome to come with a specific design already desired, and in this case are only charged for the fabrication. Depending 

During the initial consultation, Michael considers with you the vision, ideas, site and budget of your project. A contract is drawn up and signed the the initial design phase that follows provides you with options presenting different choices of materials and designs. Once the design is approved, the process of rendering the mosaic begins. Designing is a separate fee from fabrication. If the client doesn't need me to design their vision, but already has a design in mind then translation/fabrication into mosaic, there is then no design fee.

All materials are individually hand-cut to size and laid one-by-one in the studio. When complete, the mosaic is moved from the studio to the site and installed. This hand-made approach is what gives your mosaic work its distinctive and sophisticated look that will stand apart from industrially-produced mosaic work. 

The mosaic is fabricated in my studio by hand-cutting and laying each tesserae . I provide email image progress reports, but the client is also invited to view this meticulous and wonderful process at any time during the project.

Commission for Zephyr Properties, San Francisco

Commission for Zephyr Properties, San Francisco

Signage commission for Google

Signage commission for Google

Commission for private client in Dubai

Bozzetto for future mosaic