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Hammer and Hardie Bootcamp-1 day workshop-SAMA American Mosaic Summit-San Diego

Hammer and Hardie Bootcamp with Michael Kruzich

Session 31A: 8:00am – 5:00pm, Tuesday, April 5, 2016
Session 31B: 8:00am – 5:00pm, Wednesday, April 6, 2016
Location: Building D Room 8, Marina Village Conference Center
All Skill Levels
Price: $335 (Includes $50 Materials Fee)




Always wanted to learn hammer and hardie cutting techniques? Or, frustrated with your own hammer and hardie cutting and want to improve?This course is for students who have no hammer and hardie experience and would like to learn these cutting methods, AND students who have some experience, but would like to have the extra supervised time to hone their cutting skills.  Come get a solid eight hours of supervised experience.

This is a condensed version of what I usually teach as a two-day course, so you will be VERY busy. We’ll be spending A LOT of time at the hardie block!  With a watchful eye and determination to get you started, most people can acquire these skills. There is no magic; it is simply a matter of alignment and practice, practice, practice. How good you get at it depends on how much time you spend at it.

If you can hit a nail with a hammer you can probably learn how to cut with these tools.  However if you have issues with the stability or dexterity of your hands or with hand-eye coordination this may prove to be a very frustrating experience for you.  The entire day will be spent learning about and cutting a variety of materials with these tools and how to develop consistency and confidence in your skills

Through lecture, demo and LOTS of hands-on practice, students will learn:

  • Proper grip, placement, alignment and use of tools;
  • Exposure to the various weights and styles of hammers available;
  • How to set a hardie in a wooden base;
  • How to cut a wide variety of materials including:
    • Stones of varying densities and hardness;
    • Smalti: Italian, Mexican and Chinese;
    • Unglazed porcelain and ceramic; and
    • Unusual and challenging materials brought in by students.
  • Cutting methods for various shapes will also be covered and practiced.

This is a cutting course and no mosaics will be made in the class . the focus of the workshop is learning to cut with the hammer and hardie and the repetition and practice it takes to do so.  Students go home with their cut tesserae and the uncut remainder of their materials and a handout for future reference.

Materials provided: 

Hammers and hardies and bases will be provided, though you are welcome to bring your own hammer if you own one.

Hardie bases used in class will also be available for purchase at the Di Mosaico vendor booth following the two sessions of classes.