"La Primavera" selected for Ravenna Mosaic Biennale Festival!!!

I am super excited and honored that my work "La Primavera" has been selected to travel to Ravenna for the RavennaMosaico 2017 Biennale di Mosaico exhibition: Opere dal Mondo October 7-November 26, 2017!I can't even tell you what a dream-come-true this honor is to have a work of mine represent me in the city where my mosaic training and roots began! 
Grazie Grazie Grazie!



RavennaMosaico 2017, Rassegna Biennale di Mosaico Contemporaneo
From 2017 October the 7th to November 26t
Ravenna, 20th July 2017

Subject: announcement about OPERE DAL MONDO 2017 selection

Dear Madame, dear Sir
We hereby are very happy to give you notice that your work has been selected to participate at the Exhibition OPERE DAL MONDO 2017 that will take place in Ravenna at Chiostri Francescani from October the 7th to November the 26th, in the framework of RavennaMosaico 2017, Rassegna Biennale di Mosaico Contemporaneo promoted by Comune of Ravenna and by Associazione Internazionale Mosaicisti Contemporanei (AIMC).
As soon as possible we’ll send to you all the instructions to send us your work.
Congratulating with you we send you our best regards.

Maurizio Tarantino

La Primavera.JPG