Hidden Benefits

I recently went through something that I thought was interesting enough (or horrific enough depending on how you look at it)  of writing about.

For those who like to muse about why I still periodically do reproductions of ancient mosaics: the real answer is because I WANT to. I enjoy it and it makes me happy; semplicamente.


But recently something happened which revealed a hidden benefit. I had a rather large commission (5’x3’) that, once done in Ravenna Method had to be glued and “flipped”.


This is a process I am very familiar and used to. However, during the flip there was a physical slip and the mosaic was impacted in a way that displaced and destroyed the subject’s right lower leg.


Needless to say I was nauseated and absolutely beside myself. Then I realized that all of that  reproduction work I have done over the years was going to come in handy. Not that it lessened my disappointment in the mishap, but since I had photos of what it was finished, I would be able to reproduce my own work in the same way I had done for ancient mosaics so many times.


Everything we learn comes in handy somewhere and you never know when doing what speaks to YOU as an artist (and not someone else) is going to pay off when disaster strikes. Stay true to what calls to you.

Jeanene Pro shot.jpg