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Value/Gradient/Color-Mixing Skills for Mosaic-diMosaico, Tucson, AZ

This is a one day course scheduled immediately the day after and usually taken as an extension of the Drawing Andamenti and Tessellation for Mosaics 3-Day course. In this one-day course you will learn how to identify the “value” of a color (or it’s Light/Medium/Dark quality) and once understood how to apply your knowledge for selecting the colors of smalti or stone materials to use in your own projects. We will also discuss how to estimate the amounts of each color to order from distributors when working in these classical materials.

This course includes exercises in recognizing the "value" of a mixture of color and organizing them into a gradient from light to dark. There will be exercises in basic and advanced methods of gradient and color mixing with tesserae.

Finally, students bring in their own images, in both color and black and white versions, of a project (s) they wish to make into a mosaic in the future Using their purchased color sample boards and black and white printouts of these sample boards, students select and build a working palette of color and order amounts for their project (s).

Students’ images may be of photos, personal paintings, figurative or abstract; anything goes; it is your project you will be preparing for. Though not necessary, it is advised to bring at least one image/idea with strong contrast in value.

This class is a series of exercises on paper and one small color mixing sample in stone and smalti. No actual mosaics will be made. Students will go home with handouts and all exercises they complete.

Students are responsible to pre-purchase their own sample boards for the materials they wish to use in building the color palette for the images they bring in. It is recommended you purchase at a minimum diMosacios’s stone sample board and one smalti board. These are important investments and make future ordering of materials easier. Upon your sign up for the workshop we will send you resources for purchasing boards.

The supply fee payable to instructor covers handouts, 1/2 lb each of stone and smalti prepared workboard and other exercise materials.



MDM Stone Sample Board:


MDM Smalti Sample Board:



Classes must have a minimum of 5 students. Do not delay in signing up. Many people come in from all over the United States for class and need to make travel arrangements.

Class is a go at 7 students. Instuctor may cancel class 4 weeks from start date if not meeting minimum amount of particiapnts.

See diMosaico for cancellation and refund policies

1-Day Friday, March 17, 2017


$30 Material Fees. Due first day of class.